Volvo 960 windshield wipers


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Volvo 960 windshield wipers

Hello folks,
1995 Volvo 960 model sedan.
Need some technical advice here. Coming home Xmas night in sleet storm and the drivers side windshield wiper stopper wiping. Got to side of road sand found retaining nut is loose. Wiper motor runs and passenger side is good but the wiper arm of the drivers side is loose and not lifting.
I can see the motor arm moving the the retaining nut moves but not the arm.
It needs (obviously) to be re-tightened and locktight treated, but what is the foot pound tension/tightness that the nut should be at?
Anyone know?

BTW drove 30 miles white knuckled, very happy I had treated the windows with water repellant.
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It's possible the cone in the arm or the piviot has stripped out but know of no "spec" to torque it just good and tight if that don't fix it since the retaining nut is moving when on my bet is a stripped cone.
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Thanks for the reply. I guess when it stops raining here from this storm, I will have to take it all off and look at it. Have a Happy New Year!Beer 4U2

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