No start fluke question


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No start fluke question

car has a 7 yr warranty battery that is 3 years old.
The other night it wouldn't start. Temps. were in single digits for a couple days.

Called AAA and they jumped the battery. Car started immediately.

Thoughts please?
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Could be anything could use more info on what we are dealing with.Had a 02 Tahoe in the shop with intermittent no starts the turned out(Long story) to be a bad diode in the wireing harness that activated the onstar even with the vehical off (took 3 to 7 hrs after vehical was off) draining the batt and then being computer controled reset itself showing no draws untill the next time the diode failed.
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Batterys have lotsa ratings besides CA and warranty

I'm thinking this has to do with the cold cranking amp rating of your battery. Since you say that you have a 3 year old battery that is expected to last at least seven years.

Cold Cranking Amps has to do with a battery's ability to start an engine in cold temperatures. The higher the CCA rating, the greater the starting power of the battery.

Since the jump start did the trick, your battery hasn't necessarily failed. It just might've got too cold for it's CCA rating.
Not really the same as a discharged condition.
Do a google search on the subject if your still curious.
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When the car didn't start, was the battery just clicking or dragging like it was dead, or did the starter crank fine but the engine just not catch?
Our van wasn't starting in the cold so I began to think all sorts of bad things. However, the starter was cranking as normal. It just wouldn't start for some reason. Later the same day it was a bit warmer, and the van started fine. It turned out to be that somewhere along the lines the fuel was frozen. (The gas tank was close to empty, so condensation had formed inside it). I added some fuel treatment to get rid of the water when I next filled the tank. After having no further problems, we forgot about it.
The same thing happened again the next time it was cold and we were low on fuel. Now, we just keep the tank almost full and have not had a recurrence even in much colder temps.
You may have just had water from condensation in the fuel line. If AAA came out a few hours later when it was warmer instead of immediately, the ice could have already melted and the car would have started fine without them. Just another possibility.
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Well,its been starting real strong,(fast) the last couple days
of temps in the 20's.

The CCA's were higher than the original battery when i bought it. Probably explains the 7year warranty.

This morning it was warmer, so i checked the battery terminals for tightness and cleanness(?).- 12.84 v. Checked the batt. voltage at static,and right after i started the car running at fast idle = 14.4v.

Maybe it was the combination of very cold weather, and driving in early morning , and evening hours with the lights and heater on. If its the battery i'm sure it will surface again

Thanks to all for your inputs
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Single digit temps should not be too cold for a good battery.
Have the battery load tested.

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