2000 bravada hard starting


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2000 bravada hard starting

Our 200 Bravada has some starting issues as it got cold. It cranks and acts like it wants to start and may start momentarily, then kill. Following this it just cranks, during this if you work the throttle a bit you can get it running and keep it running. Once running and after about 15-30 seconds of working the throttle to keep it running it takes off and runs as usual.

Not sure what the issues could be, is it fuel delivery? moisture in the fuel? fuel filter? fuel pump? or something to do with the ignition system?

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Try spraying some starting fluid spray (get at auto parts store) into the throttle body the next time the vehicle is cold.

See if it starts right up. (Then might die.)

If it does, then what you were doing was providing fuel. And this is what made it start. So the problem would be that it is not getting fuel when cold.

Then the problem which could cause this is there is a "check valve" on many fuel systems which prevents the fuel from draining back into the gas tank when the vehicle is shut off.

The gas could be draining from the lines, then it takes a while to work its way back up to the engine when starting again.

Factory service manuals (get from dealer) would have a complete description of operation for the fuel system for your specific vehicle and how to test for this problem. And if that is a separate valve or part of the fuel pump.

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