Honda Accord Oil Pressure Switch


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Honda Accord Oil Pressure Switch

The oil pressure switch on my '92 Honda Accord is leaking. The switch has a hard plastic boot that covers the entire switch and the electrical connector. The boot doesn't pull off easily and I'm afraid to force it for fear of breaking something.

Should I just force the boot off? Is the boot supposed to be hard or has exposure to chemicals and oil hardened what should be a soft rubber boot?
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I have a 90 and 92 accord and just went through that. I forced it off and think that is the only way it can be done. The boot is brittle and will probably break or crack as mine did. I also got a switch from autozone approx $10 and it was fairly loose fitting. not sure if oem would be worth more or not-I just used a few extra wraps of teflon tape. It is much easier if you do not have the filter in the way also.
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I have the same leak in my '92 accord. I had the dealership diagnose with dye in the oil and black light and they said I had quite a few leaks: oil pressure sensor, oil pan gasket, timing belt area and seals and potentially rear seal. I decided to tackle the oil pressure sensor myself because it's physically the highest on the engine and the simplest to replace.

As I don't have a lift, I jacked up the front side of the car and removed the tire so I could see and reach underneath. You definitely have to remove the oil filter. I ended up destroying the oil switch boot cover trying to remove it as it was so brittle. I also had to buy some big sockets. The new part has a 22 mm nut on it, but the old part is bigger, likely 24 mm. I bought some Permatex sealer for the new sensor, as per other discussions on the net, but it looks like the new part is precoated with sealant, so I'm not sure if I'll apply the Permatex.

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