lexus service 90K


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lexus service 90K

I have a 2001 Lexus LS 430. They say at the dealership, it needs to have a new timing belt because this is a customary part of the 90000 mile service. Naturally it is quite expensive, 900 dollars or so. Any advice on necessity of actually needing a belt versus having it done because the Lexus people say so. I can't get out of that place for under 600 bucks, even when all it needs is an oil change. Thank you.
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That engine is an interference engine...which means if the timing belt are looking at major valvetrain damage most likely. The belt is about $40 aftermarket..the tensioner and such about $120 more. Could be double those prices for OEM parts.

Nice cars seem to demand nice prices (for the dealer) when it comes to maintenance.
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BUT, a Lexus is just a high-end Toyota; any decent independent garage can do that job (and anything else it needs) for about a 50% savings. Since it's way past warranty I see no need to spend extra just for dealer service.
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I meant to post the same advise as TowGuy as well....any good import/independent garage could take care of it..that was kinda my intent when I posted the aftermarket part prices.
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Might want to buy a less expensive car and you will find that they are more affordable when it comes to repairs. For some economy cars, it might cost half that to have the timing belt replaced.

I've repaired all sorts of different products most of my life. And it seems to me the more expensive "top of the line" products have things which break more often and cost more to repair. Perhaps because there are more things to break/service? Or by design???

And the less expensive products tend to hold up better and not need service as much. Keep it simple perhaps?

I suspect they might design things to break/not break as often in direct proportion to the perceived pocketbook of the purchaser of the product?

For example one of the more expensive vehicles was the "most repaired" vehicle many years back. I don't know if this is true anymore. All sorts of little things would constantly break. Like the automatic trunk opener. Power windows. Power seats. Etc. Things which were not important to safety. Those safety related things remarkably seemed to never break!
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Originally Posted by Gunguy45 View Post
That engine is an interference engine....
Do interference engines get better gas mileage? You know where I am going with this, right?

Hint: Same reason I called up a national cancer treating place that had an ad on tv last night. While lady gave her testimonial about her cancer treatment, a fine print screen bar above her said not to expect these results. It did not say you MAY not experience these results. It said not to expect these results. So I, in loud tone, asked the guy anwering the phone, why they feature a lady, who you will not likely get the same results as?! Why not feature a lady who you CAN expect similar results as - duh!
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I'm on the east side of Wash state and can do it in my shop for around 600 with new water pump and cam seals find somebody else the dealer is gettin ya.Should be only 4.8 hrs labor and around 150 to 160 for parts if you need the tensioner add about 80 more some replace as a precaution but if it specs out not ness.
Here is the dealer 90k inspection and service sheet so you will be prepared

Vehicle (S) Notes
While driving the vehicle, check the proper operation of the engine, transmission, brakes and steering. Check for abnormal noises or vibrations from any part of the vehicle. General body check.

Ball Joint Notes
Inspect ball joints and dust covers for cracking and wear.

Brake Hose/Line Notes
Inspect brake lines and hoses for chafing, cracks, deterioration and leakage.

Brakes and Traction Control Notes
Inspect brake linings and drums/discs. Check parking brake operation and brake pedal free-play.

Constant Velocity Joint Boot Notes
Inspect driveshaft boots and retorque flange bolts.

Drive Belt Notes

Exhaust System (E) Notes

Fluid - A/T Notes
Inspect fluid level and condition.

Fluid - Differential Notes
Check fluid level and condition.

Fuel Filler Cap Notes
Fuel filler cap gasket.

Fuel Supply Line (E) Notes
Inspect the vehicles fuel lines and connections, fuel tank vapor vent system hoses and the fuel tank band.

Paint (S) Notes
Inspect body for corrosion and paint condition.

Steering Notes
Inspect the vehicles steering linkages.

Steering Gear Notes
Inspect rack and pinion assembly for leakage.

Air Filter Element Notes

Brake Fluid Notes

Cabin Air Filter Notes

Coolant (B) Notes

Engine Oil (B) Notes

Oil Filter, Engine (B) Notes

Timing Belt Notes

Tires Notes

(S) = Service Warranty Requirement
(E) = Emission Warranty Requirement
(B) = Both Service and Emission Warranty Requirement

They will get ya on the extras you see if you just say 90 k service. I've built my cust base on being honest and not upselling.That V8 is an interferance engine and if the belt goes your looking at a VERY expensive repair but in the real world I have seen them with 180k and the OEM belt and only had to replace it due to water pump failer or cam seals leaking on the belt.Hope this helps ya
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Lexus 90K Service

Thank you all for the info. I have taken your advice and have found a good independent former Toyota (15 years) employee who has told me much of everything I have read here. His price to do the service was a bit over 750 dollars which from the sound of things is pretty reasonable for the west side of Washington. Thank you to the person who sent the list, for I shall print it off and take it with me monday when I have the service work performed. Again thank you.
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