94 escort- no lights, no radio, etc


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94 escort- no lights, no radio, etc

while repairing the fuel problem and replacing the filter, I may have pulled a wire somewhere.

After dark, tried to drive and all I have is headlights and pwr windows. I hear the turn signal relay working, but it seems the fusebox in the car has no power.

Does the fusebox under the hood feed the interioir box?
Any quick fix?

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Check all fuses. Your owner's manual should show the location of all fuse boxes.

Pull out only ONE fuse at a time, test, then replace. Then the correct fuse goes back where it belongs.

Might want to take a picture before removing any fuses, then you can see how they were installed. (Sometimes there are unused spaces...)

How to test fuses...
Testing fuses Page

Then if that does not solve the problem, check all main wires to be sure they have good snug connections.

Then some main wires in some vehicles are what is called a "fusible link" The wire itself is a fuse! Set the multimeter to DC volts 20, then check both ends of the wire in question. If you get a voltage, then that is probably a bad wire. You would need to replace it with the same part number wire to have fused protection! (Special wire.) Or might find one at a wrecking yard.

BUT sometimes it is impossible to trace wires in a vehicle because they are all wrapped up. No telling what wire goes where!

A factory service manual set which comes with ALL the electrical diagrams for the vehicle would show what wire goes where. But even then you might have several large red wires all on the same connector and they are not labeled. At least the electrical diagrams would show where the wire went.
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Thanks Bill!!!! You are the Best!!!

Found a b/o fuselink to BTN.

Joe in Miami

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