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My Toyota has Transmission issue for the past months. I need to bring it to the local shop sooner or later.

Since I'm holding a full-time job, I need the car within one week or so.

Just wonder how long do I need to leave the car in order to get the trasmission fixed correctly? Also, normally how much does it cost?

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Your not giving us the problem with the transmission.......

Just off the top of my head to rebuild a complete tranny will be at least $1.5k. To get a used tranny installed about $1k.

Time without the vehicle cant be determined. Suppliers and part ordering differs.
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I feel your pain; my favorite tranny shop is building one up right now to replace my quirky one with the cracks in the case.

But to answer your question, I think most shops could get you in and out in a couple of days with some advance planning.
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Thanks for the responses.

Yes, it's such a pain to go through this, .... thus I waited so long to get it fixed.

Actually, I can not able to drive it any longer in fear broken-down on the way to work. Someone told me that parts might be an issue due to foreign car.

As I know all, this, ... probably I need to use a back-up car for awhile, even though this car also has some issue, 'check-engine' warning light flashing on.

Transmission is so expensive next to Engine? One guy told me his car, not foreign but domestic/Monte-Carlo had same problem and paid $3,000 for it.
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What year and model of Toyota and how many miles on it? Yes, the engine and trans are the two most expensive parts on the car, but having one repaired or overhauled should not be a problem regardless of whether it is import or domestic.

The flashing check engine on your back up is not a good sign. Steady CEL indicates a problem; flashing CEL indicates a problem - often a misfire - with potential for damage such as a trashed catalytic converter. If you're going to drive that one better at least get the codes read to see what's up.
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If I were you...

If I were you, I would buy a rebuilt transmission on the Internet, would cost approximately $1500 with a good warranty. Then I would find a reputable mechanic to install it...

A transmission can be delivered to your home or drop ship it to the mechanics shop that is doing the work...

It should take a mechanic 1 day to install...

If you need an engine, do the same. An engine install allow 2 days...
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That'll work, too, but I would check with the installer first because they may have access to a unit just as reliable (or more) from a supplier they are familiar with. Also keep in mind that when you buy a reman on-line and there is any kind of problem you will have to deal with the supplier and probably pay for removal and installation/replacement if necessary. This is often the case with owner-supplied parts. Just some things to consider. Whether you can find a reman with an attractive price depends somewhat on model & year.
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One way is to have your dealer install his remanufactured transmission which is essentially brand new and warrantied for 2 or 3 years or 24,000-36,000 miles.
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I was in your shoes a about 7 years ago with my Jeep. I investigated every possibility from rebuilding it myself to buying a trans off the internet.

Dealer remans are often sub-contracted out to the lowest bidder so I don't think you'll be any better off there.

In the end, I did some research, found a local shop in NJ and paid them to do the work. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work that was done and the Jeep is still running perfectly today (I actually became very good friends with the guy that did my trans too).

If you buy a trans online, as others have said, if you have problems with the new trans, in many cases, you'll have to pay your local mechanic again to R&R the transmission and you may have to pay to ship the unit back to the company you purchased it from.

The bottom line is, if you buy a trans online, look for a well-established company with lots of positive feedback so the probability of having problems is low. See if they're willing to work with you on shipping and labor costs if you do end up having a problem.

Also, make sure your local mechanic is familiar with your vehicle and transmission replacement in general. For example, if your mechanic forgets (or neglects) to flush the cooler & lines (or replace the cooler if appropriate), most companies will void the trans warranty on the spot. Some transes have check valves in the cooler lines that clog with clutch material and other stuff. Not all mechanics know about them (especially the ones that don't do trans work on a regular basis) and that can kill a new trans quickly too. Not all mechanics are honest enough to tell you they messed up and eat the cost of a new trans.

If you decide to find a local trans shop, keep in mind that some trans shops specialize in imports. You don't want a trans shop that does mostly GM, Ford & Chrysler to jump into an import - they can be very, very different. Try googling "import transmission" or "toyota transmission" and see what comes up. You may find a local shop or one that is willing to work with you on labor & shipping if you have problems.

- Joe

P.S. If you want the name of the shop that did my trans, send me a private message. They have since expanded and they ship world-wide now.

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