1998 Ford E350 Running rough


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1998 Ford E350 Running rough

I have 98 Ford E 350 with 187500 K on it motor size 5.4
The problem startde with service engine light on and rought idle and rough running it shuts off at lights went to mechanic he took the tube off from the egr valve and it started running smoothe he said it needs new egr valve, changed it ran ok for about half day same problem started again went back to mechanic he said may the code was not taken out he took the code out it ran ok for about 3 to 4 days and same proble again now I am running with tube off from egr valve any suggestion what should i do should I just run with tube off or What can I do to fix it Please help me
Thanks in advance
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What diagnostic code did you get?

It has been said a modern vehicle is more complex than some of the early space crafts to go into outer space!

And if someone was going to service that, you would expect them to look at the technical manuals...

These days you need the right tools to work on a vehicle.

That is a code reader, a factory service manual set (order from dealer), a multimeter, and a fuel pressure gauge.

If you don't have that, you are just guessing!

The code reader will tell you what diagnostic code(s) is stored in the engine computer.

Then the factory service manual set will tell you step by step how to troubleshoot the problem.

These books which can be 4 books (each the size of a large city phone book and 2000 pages total) will have a section for each specific diagnostic code. So turn to the page with that code and follow the troubleshooting directions.

Modern engines are controlled by computers. There are many different electrical sensors which monitor various things in the engine. And based on the information from these sensors, the engine computer will decide (or not decide) to activate things like an EGR valve.

SO... You frequently need to check certain electrical sensors with a multimeter as directed by the troubleshooting instructions in the factory manuals.

What causes the EGR valve to open or close? That is part of the test proceedure. Not just the EGR valve, but whatever else is involved with its operation.

So for example a web page for checking the EGR valve says this: "...The EGR valve should remain CLOSED when the engine is COLD and IDLING. When the engine is warm and is accelerating or working hard under a load, the EGR valve should OPEN..." (from random-misfire.com)

On a car I have, the EGR valve is vacuum operated. And there is an electric solenoid valve which sends vacuum to the EGR valve. The engine computer operates this. And then there is a "coolant temperature sensor" will tells the engine computer the engine is warm...

So one problem might be that temperature sensor is telling the computer the engine is warm when it is cold!

Or the vacuum solenoid valve could be bad.

Or there might be a problem with the vacuum or vacuum lines.

Or the EGR valve could be bad.


All sorts of stuff to check and test to find the exact problem!
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Is there a valve that screws onto that tube and then a hose connects to the valve?
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It's impossible to know untill the origional poster gives us the code... It may be as simple as the DPFEGR sensor that Ford had a lot of problems with & if so & had he took it to the dealer, It would have been fixed in no time as we see this every day... As Bill190 says,, Without the directions,, anything is just a guess,,, Roger
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