Is something wrong with my brake pads ?


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Is something wrong with my brake pads ?

I took off the front wheel to inspect the pads on my 2007 Accent. The pads are still thick and not worn down to the metal. However, I noticed a very visible groove on the rotor, which normally indicates a worn pad. This is not the case with the pad. I did notice that the outer pad is not very smooth. It seems to have some kind of sharp metal line all across it, which is rubbing against the rotor when brakes are applied. The inside pad is very smooth. Is this pad defective and must be replaced ?
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You had something hung up under the pad at one time and grooved the rotor unfortunatly only replacing the pads is not an option if you want to repair this the rotors will have to be resurfaced/replaced (if out of machining spec) and then pad replacment.It won't get better over time only worse and a reduced braking efficency will become apparent.While not a critical problem you should keep an eye on it.The reason I say rotors is pads only come in an axle set and you can replace only one rotor though i don't reccomend it because inevetably the one you had resurfaced will get hotter than the new one and warp.(had this in the shop too many times to count)
Good Luck

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