rotated out or alignment


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rotated out or alignment

i got my tire rotated in my 2002 camry and now its drifting to the left significantly

is it normal that after rotation, the car should get alignment?

any help would be great


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Flip the front tires from side to side & I'll bet you lunch the drift goes to the right or goes away... Just the different rolling resistance of different tires... Roger
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I'm with hopkins you probably have tire pull if you didn't have it before and the pull gets stronger @ about 30 to 35 mph than @ lower speeds cross the front tires like he said it will either switch or go away.Have had it happen with even new tires in the shop. Check tire pressures also and match them with the tag on the driver side b piller its possible the rear tires are run at a lower pressure than the fronts and now that your rear tires are on the front it can cause a pull also.

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