Battery or Solenoid?


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Battery or Solenoid?

Hi all,

1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE - the past two days when I turn the ignition key sometimes it starts right up (meaning there is no delay or long crank time) and other times the engine does not turn over - basically the starter does not engage at all.

I'm thinking solenoid, but I'm not sure. any thoughts?

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Check the simplest things first, such as the battery cables. If there's any corrosion on the terminals it could cause what you're describing.
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Thanks Pecos - yes I did check the battery and the cables. Connections are solid and no corrosion at all - everything is clean.
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If I had to choose.....
Because of the intermitent operation.
Batteries, in my experience, go out with some consistancy.
And solonoids go out intermitently.
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Try wiggling the shift handle while trying to crank it, could be neutral safety switch.
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If you want to know what the problem is for sure, use a multimeter for testing...

How to use a multimeter...
how to use a multimeter on a car - Google Search
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do you hear any clicking noise? if you do, the clicking that is heard is the solenoid. But low-voltage either from a drained battery, bad battery or poor connections can cause this, most of the time if the vehicle can be jump-started the starter is fine. This would also indicate that the connections to the starter are good.

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