Rebuilt Transmission same as Original One?


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Rebuilt Transmission same as Original One?

I've been reading this site along with other automobile site as to re-built transmission. However, I can not find related thread related to it.

One thing of which I puzzling is whether rebuilt transmission is same as original one which came with the car. Because, one of my friends fixed her transmission, but there is some discrepancy, although its functionability is an exact same as original one. Also, she was told another part related to transmission needed to be fixed because of faint noise coming from underneath, close to transmission.

If transmission got rebuilt, is there other parts needed to be fixed in order to match with re-built transmission?

Thanks for your help.
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"Re-built" is kind of a relative term. You really need to know any and all parts that were replaced during the work to figure out if something may have been re-used and overlooked as bad. I could probably point you to a tranny shop that will sell you a "rebuilt" tranny for $500, but i wouldn't take any bets on how long it will last.

They could very easily have replaced the "wear" parts and seals and stuck the original torque converter back on it.

Year/make/model and any specifics on what it's doing?
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Some vehicles, especially trucks, have several different transmissions which can come with the vehicle. And different years have different transmissions.

Write down the numbers on the transmission.

You should be able to take the Vehicle Identification Number (should be on vehicle registration) to a dealer for that brand of vehicle, go to the parts counter, and they should be able to give you a printout of the "option codes" for that vehicle.

This should say what type transmission the vehicle came with.

Then they should be able to tell you if that is the same transmission.

Then computers are involved with everything these days. Might want to ask a dealer mechanic is there is any "computer setting" or "programming" which must be done when replacing a transmission on that specific vehicle.

This information would also be in a factory service manual for that vehicle which you can order from a dealer.
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Originally Posted by Bill190 View Post
This information would also be in a factory service manual for that vehicle which you can order from a dealer.
I think I have seen some of the code deciphering info your are referring to in Chilton type manuals also.
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And the amazing thing is..I have seen new factory transmissions on dealer parts sites that cost LESS than what I paid for a rebuild, I even called the dealer/parts house to confirm. Even with shipping it would be cheaper than a major rebuild. Maybe they changed trannies and still have these in stock..but it might be worth exploring.

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