temperature guage going up to red!


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temperature guage going up to red!

anti-freeze full to top, oil just changed and full but ?? why would it do that its a 1999 Subaru? Maybe the thermostat is stuck its -9 degs. and been not turned on in about 5 days?? raining then deep freeze? may have gotten water in and froze it?
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Was antifreeze properly installed before it got to be this cold?

If yes, replace thermostat.

If no, aim a heater at the whole works to thaw it all out, then drain and fill with antifreeze. (I'm thinking the whole radiator and hoses could be frozen?)
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What does the anti-freeze test to for protection??? Do you have a belt drivig the waterpump?? Can you hear the cooling fans come on as it gets hot?? I think Bill190 may be on the right track.... Roger

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