95 blazer abs light

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Question 95 blazer abs light

I have a 95 chevy blazer 4.3 4X4 auto and the ABS light is on it has been since i purchased it. I recently just the ABS sensors on both sides and disconnected the battery to reset the system. I also traced all the wires to see if there was a break in it anywhere. Still no ABS and the light is on.
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Let's see...

With some of the older kinds of ABS, you can jumper a couple of wires on a connector and read out the codes from the flashing ABS light. But you would need the factory service manual set (order from dealer or helminc.com) to tell you what the code(s) was for. You may find this information on the internet? Be sure it is for your specific vehicle and ABS system. (Some vehicles may have one of two types of ABS and the codes can mean different things depending on WHICH ABS it is!)

Otherwise your best to take it to a dealer to at least read the code for you and tell you what the problem is. Find out what their diagnosis charge is first.

Then at that point you may be able to fix it yourself. Or you may need the troubleshooting instructions in a factory service manual set and a multimeter.

If the ABS unit is toast, there are places which rebuild them. Like at the following link. Might want to poke around there...
ModuleMaster rebuilds ABS modules for as low as $100, 2 day average turn-around, 5 Year Guarantee

If you need to replace the ABS module and rebleed all the brake lines, there are exacting instructions for doing this and probably would require special tools. Probably best to have that done at a GM dealer.

I've seen some new engine code readers on the internet which can also read ABS codes. I don't know if these would read the codes in a 95 though? (96 and later is called OBD II and these would probably be like that???)
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The most common cause on those is the abs relay unfortunately it is part of the modulator valve (located on the left inner fender well) you can check the wiring to this for power ect. ect. you can pull the abs codes by grounding(jumper wire)the top right pin to the second from the left on the bottom pin IF yours has the pcm controlled abs if your diag connector doesn't have pins in those locations (the same one for engine) you have to have the abs scanned there is no other way to get codes on that version.The abs light will flash like if you were checking engine codes.Here is what they mean. Good Luck

DTC 21 Right Front Speed Sensor or Circuit Open
DTC 22 Missing Right Front Speed Signal
DTC 23 Erratic Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor
DTC 25 Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor or Circuit Open
DTC 26 Missing Left Front Speed Signal
DTC 27 Erratic Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor
DTC 29 Simultaneous Drop-out of Front Wheel Speed Sensors
DTC 35 Open or Grounded Rear Wheel Speed Signal Circuit
DTC 36 Missing Rear Speed Signal
DTC 37 Erratic Rear Speed Signal
DTC 38 Wheel Speed Error
DTC 41-54 Control Valves
DTC 65-66 Open or Shorted Pump Motor Relay
DTC 67 Open Motor Circuit or Shorted Brake Pressure Modulator Valve (BPMV) Output
DTC 68 Locked Motor or Shorted Motor Circuit
DTC 71-74 Memory Errors
DTC 81 Brake Switch Circuit Shorted or Open
DTC 86 Shorted Antilock Indicator Lamp
DTC 88 Shorted Brake Warning Lamp
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sorry about the repeat server kicked me the first time and then posted twice LOL time for bed
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what conector

What conector do you jump?
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I recently just the ABS sensors on both sides and disconnected the battery to reset the system.

What exactly is that you did? Just the ABS?
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3 year old thread.....no need for replies.
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