Ball Park Parts & Labor Guess?


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Ball Park Parts & Labor Guess?

2005 Chevy Cobalt, turned & slid into curb today with fresh 4" snow. Wheel bent and tire tread side is trapped into left side of wheel well (facing right front tire), doesnt seem out of align bad, just doesnt turn of course or roll because of jam against wheel well. Question: What might be possible price of repair, realize askin for a wild a__ guess. Myself thinkin a frame gone if it has one, and maybe shock strut? or is shock strut probably closer to for sure, and then a pair at that? Shop wont open till monday? Just curious,,I realize this guess could be anything under the sun,, lol

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A low speed full front collision costs $3,654...
(About 1/4 way down page -Cobalt)
IIHS documents slow speed collision repair costs - CleanMPG Forums

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