04 chrysler t&c window fell down

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04 chrysler t&c window fell down

I have an 04 chrysler town and country van and the driverside window fell down in the door. I have tried to take the inside door panel off but I took the three screws that are holding it there and have tried to pry it off from the plastic snaps that are behind the panel but it wont budge. If anyone has any suggestions on how I cn get the panel off so I can get the window back on track it would be greatly appreciated as it is winter time in upstate NY so I am sure you can imagine its not warm here, haha.


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Are you sure there are only 3 screws? I assume you took out the ones that hold the door pull handle on, etc. If all the screws are out, the rest should pop off fairly easily.
As to putting the window "back on track", it's probably not off track at all, but instead the mechanism or cable that lifts it up and down has broken. Good luck.
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My favorite trick is to go to a wrecking yard and find the same vehicle. Then remove the door panel on that and learn how it comes off. (Take tools.)

Or frequently you can find one with the door panel already removed. See how it comes off.

And usually there are clips which break when the panel is removed, so I grab a few replacement clips off of that vehicle (and anything else my vehicle might need).

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