2002 Hyundai Sonata Radiator Hoses

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2002 Hyundai Sonata Radiator Hoses

Just had the radiator and tranny fluids changed at the dealer on this car.
Popped the hood today and noticed that the radiator hoses looked like they were collapsed,when the engine was cold.
Started the car end let it come up to temp.
The hoses looked normal and round when the engine was warm.
Is this normal, or should I be looking at replacing the hoses?.
The dealer didn't say anything about this when they did the inspection of the vehicle.
Any Help?
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I don't know about your specific vehicle...

But many times when you drain the radiator, there will be "air pockets" and it takes a bit of running the engine to work the air out. So you need to refill the radiator a couple of times after changing the fluid when it cools down.

With that said, many cars have radiator caps and an engine coolant reservoir. When the radiator cools, coolant drains from the reservoir back into the radiator. When it heats, the excess goes into the reservoir.

And with THAT said, if you have the correct radiator cap, this will all work. But if you don't have the correct radiator cap, I suppose it could keep the coolant from "topping off" the radiator as it cools. (Thus the hoses indenting.)

SO... The question is; Have you owned this vehicle since brand new? And has the radiator cap ever been replaced? Has the radiator ever been replaced?

Note: There are different coolant systems out there and some vehicles which don't have a radiator cap.

If you do have the radiator cap system described above, I would verify that you have the correct radiator cap.

If the radiator has been replaced, it is possible that you need a different type of radiator cap if the replacement radiator was not a factory radiator. This can make life quite frustrating because you don't know what type to get! Arrrggg!
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i dont know if its a problem but its fairly normal to me.. lol.. what i do is i simply remove the overflow cap two turns and pressure comes out. ive been told that i may have to replace my radiator cap or buy a sturdier hose.

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