98 Regal GS Dash Lights not working


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98 Regal GS Dash Lights not working

I have a 1998 Regal GS and the instrument panel lights are not working, along with the climate control and radio control lights. The Dash lights that still work are the gear indicator lights, service engine soon, and the other lights on that level, and only the time on the clock radio. The lights that are not working seem to be related to the headlight off/on knob, which also controls the brightness of those lights. Am I on the right track. Is it easy to replace the headlight on/off dimmer switch?
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Did they all stop working at the same time? If so, maybe it's a blown fuse. If they went off a few at a time, then it's probably just burned out bulbs. I replaced several burnt out dashboard bulbs last week on my wife's 98 astro van. The ones that were out were about the same ones you are describing, such as a few around the instrument cluster and some connected to the climate controls and rear window defroster. My radio push buttons don't light up either, but I was told you can't replace them without replacing the whole radio. Don't know if that's true or not, but it's the original stereo that came with the van and works fine otherwise, so I'm not replacing it.
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It is possible to replace burned out GM radio lights. They are available on line for GM, and cars such as Grand Ams for instance had a common failure problem with these. In addition you could also check out the link below where you can send in your radio and for $40 they will do it all for you, at least for years 1996 to 2000. I think if you buy the bulbs yourself elsewhere you still could be spending $20. This does require some dismantlling of the radio and the bulbs need to be soldered into place if you want to try it yourself. Otherwise check out the link below.

GM - Button Lighting repair (1996-2000+ GM CD or cassette radio lights)
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There is a 7.5 amp fuse in the fuse box that services all the bulbs in question check that first and see if its blown.It should be marked panel dimming control or something similar as to the dimmer switch its self.It's about a 15 to 20 min job if memory serves it is a "snap in" part you just use a small common screwdriver to pop it out of the dash and plug the new one in snap it back in place. Make sure the plastic parts are warm they tend to be a little brittle and break easy.
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Just a reminder, if you're using anything metal to remove a fuse, be careful not to touch both sides of the fuse holder at once. If you contact both sides with a metal implement, you will close the circuit and your pliers (or whatever) will act like a fuse with a VERY high amperage and may damage the electrical system or particular device. Simply work at one end of the fuse holder and prise at right angles to avoid accidentally slipping across the connector.
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If you do have a fuse blowing problem, look for do-it-yourself add on wiring.

People add electrical things to existing electrical circuits without taking into consideration the amperage capacity of the circuit and the new load they are placing on the circuit.

Also they just string loose wires around, then these rub against sharp metal objects, ground out, and blow fuses.

Basically make the add-on wiring look like factory wiring. Tape with electrical tape, place that plastic tubing over it, and tie wrap in place so it can move.

Also place these things on their own fused circuit.

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