98 Buick Regal. Bad MAF?


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98 Buick Regal. Bad MAF?

Just purchased a 98 Regal GS. Here is what it is doing the last 3 times driving it. Starts up fine, but within the first couple of hundred feet down the road it acts like the traction control is limiting the rpms or something and kills. Turned of the trac control and it still hesitates and even dies. After a half mile or so it starts running normally. Because I just purchased it 3 days ago and haven't got it inspected and licensed I've only driven a few miles at a time and I'd like to resolve the problem before taking the emissions test. Of course, when I test drove it the car ran great for 20 minutes. I'm not getting a code.
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I'd check out the crank position and rpm sensors. The throttle position switch can also be a culprit.
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Those symptoms describe a lean condition probably been doing it for a while. This can have a number of no code causes fuel pressure regulator sluggish ,fuel pump,fuel filter,temp sensors (either intake air or engine) not reading correctly but in range,even a lower intake gasket leak(REAL common on these of this year)sounds like an open loop problem since it clears up when warm just for giggles pull a plug on the front(easiest) and look at it My bet is on a lot of white deposits on it.
Prime indicator of lean condition.The check for an intake leak is as easy look for coolant seepage at the front and rear corners of the lower manifold GM used a metal and silicon gasket and Dex Cool over time eats it away.Pretty cool huh built in fail points LOL.
Good Luck
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Basically what you have purchased is equal technologically to some of the first space crafts to go into outer space!

With that said, there are a lot of complex systems on newer vehicles.

The way to troubleshoot these vehicles is by "testing" things. And using a factory service manual set (order from dealer or helminc.com).

Then in these factory manuals (4 books and 2000 pages total), is a "drivability symptoms" section. There you can look up a symptom (like will not start, no power, etc.) then it will give you a long list of things to test/check.

And you can do a LOT of testing with the factory manual, a multimeter, and a fuel pressure gauge.

These cost around $150 for the set of books, but it will tell you how to test the fuel pressure for example and tell you how much pressure it should have!

So that's the thing. The problem you describe could be all sorts of things. If you can "test" things and determine they are working ok, then no need to replace that part, you can then go on to check something else.

So basically these books pay for themselves quickly!

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