Malibu coolant reservoir cap problems


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Malibu coolant reservoir cap problems

I have an '03 Malibu, 3.1, V6 with a stupid problem - It is very hard to remove the coolant reservoir tank cap. I will spin it and spin it (and it take a lot of force to spin it) for minutes and it will not come off. It will slowly come up a little, but then it won't come the rest of the way. Eventually I'll have to pry with a screwdriver as I turn and it will come off. Putting it back on is almost as hard. It has always been hard to remove/replace, but now it is ridiculous. I've replaced the cap and it did not help and I've inspected the plastic threads on the tank and don't see anything wrong. I've been to a junk yard to buy a replacement tank/cap and the one they had was also hard to remove so I didn't buy it. Questions - is this a Malibu problem or am I just stupid? Earlier year Malibus have a different tank/cap than the '03 which seemed to be easier to remove (testing them while at the junk yard) can I use the earlier year tanks? Will the hoses/sensors work the same or will I have to replace them if I use an earlier one? Is there something else I can do to fix this? Thanks
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Some use an O ring type seal between the cap and reservoir, at least MB used them. Perhaps a small amount of lubricant on the seal may be helpful like vaseline or syl glyde.
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what i do is to unscrew the cap as far as it will go until it stop screwing and just spins, then i pull it straight up as hard as i can.

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