leaky heater core?


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leaky heater core?

.......i've swapped engines on a '96 accord. when i took it dor the first test drive, i noticed a funny smell and the inside of the windows fogged up when i turned on the defroster/heater.

sounds like the heater core to me, but i'm looking for confirmation, AND help from anyone who has replaced a heater core in a '96 accord.

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Certainly sounds like the heater core. It could either be leaking or you had a spill on it when you did the engine work. I think I run the heater/blower on high for a while to make sure you get it dried out in case it was just a spill. Then if the smell and fogging continues, plan on replacing it.

That year and make, I've never done, but that type of thing isn't too bad. The core should be under the dash with the blower unit. Once you get to it, there would be two hoses and some mounting screws.

It's easier if you drain the coolant level down.
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sounds like the heater core it is.. if you are planning on doing a DIY project, dont guess your way through it.. be sure to have a diagram or a manual with proper procedures in it. you're in for 3-4 hours of labor and an aching back.
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........thank u for the replies

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