'93 ford festiva


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'93 ford festiva

How to change a valve cover gasket on a '93 ford festiva? Not sure if it is the valve cover gasket or head gasket. Oil running down the front of engine
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First step is to save yourself some time and effort by determining where the leak is. Which means wash that area clean as ya can and then check on the condition again sooner than later. Problem with that is if the leak takes a couple/few days to show up you may experience some false relief!

If it turns out to be the valve cover, then just remove the fasteners and gently pry around the cover, being careful not to pry hard enough in one area if it acts stubborn.
Once it comes up you'll have to clear enough space to scrape off the old gasket material from both the engine and cover using a gasket scraper. Too avoid getting any pieces of gasket or dirt inside the top of the head, just press a folded rag along the length of engine you work on. Carefully remove the rag by using an upward wiping motion and shake it out periodically.

You may have a gasket that hasn't deteriorated that badly. In fact you may find that the gasket stays in one piece when you remove it. So don't fret.

And install either a new gasket or use gasket compound.

But after all that, I'm still going to recommend that you obtain a repair manual for your specific car either by purchase or library. Because you'll have to know how to deal with any brackets, looms, etc, that have to come away before that valve cover can. Having step by step instructions for your specific vehicle and engine will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Both off and on.
You can also read through the instructions before hand to gain a sense of preparation. Or dread!
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You can also check Autozone.com for repair instrutions.

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