2000 chevy blazer no power


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2000 chevy blazer no power

chevy blazer w/4.3L v6 throttle body fuel injection, no power, runs poorly, but will build rpms if accelerator pressed lightly and slowly, I have replaced; fuel pump, fuel filter, throttle position sensor, runs better when cold than hot, any ideas? Thanks, DAM1OAK
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First...are you getting a check engine light? Have you had the error codes read?
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First of all do the regular maintenance and use ONLY factory specification parts. Like spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Then there are two ways to fix a problem like this.

One is the "guess and replace" method. Just keep replacing parts, maybe you will get lucky?

The other is to get a fuel pressure gauge, a multimeter, and a factory service manual set which costs around $150 (order from dealer or helminc.com )

Then you can find the specific problem you are having in the factory manual. And then test various things as the instructions say. This will lead you to the exact problem. Then you can replace just that part.

Basically the engine computer adjusts the fuel/air mixture and the timing based on inputs from sensors for the following things listed below. If one of those sensors is not giving the computer the correct information, then the engine computer will adjust the timing wrong or adjust the fuel/air mixture wrong.

The factory manuals tell you exactly how to test each "sensor" and even tell you how to use a multimeter. (Usually in the front of one of the books. Or link below.) Then the books will say what reading on the meter you should get. Or how much fuel pressure you should get. Etc.

And the thing is, as you can see below, there are many different sensors which have to do with fuel / air. Quite expensive to replace all those! Cheaper to test them and see if they are working as they should. And the problem could be with a timing sensor and all those sensors are working fine!


Crankshaft position
Engine speed (RPM)
Engine load (manifold pressure or vacuum)
Atmospheric (barometric) pressure
Engine coolant temperature
Intake air temperature (retards timing when hot)


Coolant temperature sensor - Lean/rich
Oxygen sensor - Lean/rich
Atmospheric (barometric) pressure - Lean/rich
Manifold Absolute Pressure - More fuel
(Mass Air Flow Sensor)
Throttle Position Sensor - More fuel

How to use a multimeter...
how to use a multimeter on a car - Google Search

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