Wiper blades


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Wiper blades

How often one should change them?
My car is almost 5 years old with 20K miles on it. How should I know it it is time to replace them and what parts needs to be changed? Like rubber in the blade or whole thing?

Is it one size fit all for most vehicles or depends upon make and model? Where to buy them?
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The Mass retailers tell me to change wipers every spring & fall but that's there sales thing... Do you live in an area with winter sand & salt on the road?? If so you may need to change them more often... Lots of customers have winter & summer blades & flip them when they change there tires... If you have no trouble seeing & no streaks on the windshield,, just use them... Some you can get refills for, but that depends on the blade... Hope I'v helped some... Roger
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Couple of times a year for me; sun/heat damage.

Simply measure the length of the blade and go to any parts store or Wal-Mart and buy the same length. The complete blade asssemblies are cheap enough to just go that route vice trying to get the right refill. They come with instructions and are pretty easy to install.
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If you go to an Automotive store (such as Pep Boys), they have books near the wiper blades where you look up the Make/Model/Year of your car and it will show you what type of wiper to buy. The blades are inexpensive and can be changed with just a quick press of the screwdriver. As for replacing them, I wait until I need to. You can tell if it's necessary two ways. If you lift up your wiper and see any tears in the rubber, it needs replacing. Also, if you spray your windows and run the wiper, you will be able to see pools of fluid where the wiper isn't working properly.
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It depends on how often you use them and if dry rot. One I thing I do to make them last longer is to wipe the blades with a damp cloth once a month to remove any dirt of them. And always start with quality blades. I've been using the same set for 3 years.
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it all depends on the state of your wiper blades.. inspect your blades, if you blades developed curvature which prevents full contact with the windshield, then you need them replaced. and in purchasing new rubber, be sure to get the halogen hardened ones as they are more durable than the natural ones.

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