97 grand cherokee lock problems


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97 grand cherokee lock problems

yesterday when i was getting back into my truck, i couldnt close the drivers side door. the lock wouldnt engage at all. I had a similar problem a few years ago ...at that time I applied not knowing what was going on I ended up damaging the lock and had to get it replaced. strange thing is that i tried to move the thing that you can see in the lock on passenger side door and guess what ..it doesnt engage the lock either.

I know i have not described my scenario adequately but does anyone have any ideas.


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There is usually some sort of adjustment for these locks.

And either you are "mechanical" and can figure out how they work / determine if the lock is broken or not...

...Or you are not mechanical, then would be best to take it to a shop. See if they can adjust it or if broken have them replace it.
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lucky you, you dint get to experience the grinding noise on grand cherokee door locks.. it is i think a common problem and none of the unfortunate owners have found their way on dealing with this. with regards to your problem, i think something just got stuck, or you just need to lube some parts of it. like what you said, you ruined your last door lock so i guess you are better off with a garage.
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One of the most common problems is lack of lubrication, and they either partially or totally seize. Start with a spray can (with little red nozzle attached) of WD-40 or similar penetrating spray and soak those latches from every angle you can. Angle nozzle in behind, on top, down the back sides, ends, etc. Let it soak in for 5-10 minutes, then keep working them manually, as well as with power switches. It may take a couple of treatments, but eventually things should loosen up and start working better. Once it does work better, buy spray can of white lithium grease with nozzle as well, and give latches a good coat of that, the same way you sprayed the penetrating spray, to keep it coated to deter it from happening again. Give it a day or 2 after penetrating spray before spraying with the grease. Don't forget to stick that little red nozzle in the key slot as well and do the same.

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