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PT Cruiser

Help, was informed that my PT Cruiser needs a new rack due to leaking power steering losing fluid -- no issue yet with the power steering , so someone stated pour some Lucas power steering fluid into car as this might help, any thoughts thanks year is 2001 only 50000 miles. again thanks
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inspect carefully because you may not need a new steering rack, check your steering rack tubes/hose, you may get them for less than a hundred. a new steering rack would cost you roughly 500 buck not including labor.
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As well as what is mentioned above, I'd monitor just how much fluid is actually leaking by how often/much I need to add. If it's minimal, /month, then I'd live with it, and monitor it regularly. As far as lucas with sealer or stop leak, I have heard some positive results, and personally if it was me and it came to that point, why not try it? If it's a very small leak from the actual rack itself, and I only had to add fluid once a month or so, I'd save my money until it got worse. You'd be amazed at how many small,minor leaks are ignored for the simple fact that if it doesn't pose a safety risk, and only requires a little add of oil or whatever occasionally, it's much easier and cheaper to do just that, as well as those considering trading it in or selling it. Not uncommon for a mechanic to put you in to a panic because he seen a drop of oil. Weigh it out, and maybe even a second opinion wouldn't be a bad thing.

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