91 camry v6 auto trans no reverse


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91 camry v6 auto trans no reverse

91 CAMRY V6 AUTOMATIC WITH TRANS E540E. The car originally had no foward move, only reverse. I opened the trans for a rebuilding, found the problem was bad burned discs on forward clutch. After mounting with complete new kit, I ended up without reverse and neutral. Right now if I shift to Reverse or Neutral the car moves forward only. If I engage on Neutral and shut the engine the trans locks and no moviment at all. I replaced the fluid and filter again, adjusted the cables and checked the manual valve and no success.
The spring on the pawl lock is ok and solenoids are withing specs. Any help is well appreciated.
Michael from NJ
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I don't know a thing about transmissions, but I do know there is different documentation out there which can be a BIG help.

For example I have a GM truck and a factory book called "Unit Repair Manual". And in that large book, there is about 3/4 inch of pages just on rebuilding the transmission. (Size of a small phone book).

Then for other vehicles I have, this same information is a part of the factory service manual set (Order all the various books from dealer).

And they give them different names. Some call them a shop manual. Others a service manual. (Then many times separate books called electrical diagrams, fuel and emissions, unit repair, etc.)

And looking in the transmission rebuilding section, it looks quite intimidating! (To me...)
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to help you out, these are the main symptoms when dealing with no revers problems:
  1. Improper fluid level.
  2. Transmission shift cable broken or misadjusted.
  3. Improper band/clutch application pressure.
  4. Fluid filter damaged or plugged.
  5. Main control assembly gaskets damaged or bolt out of torque.
  6. Main control separator plate damaged.
  7. Pump assembly bolts out of specifications.
  8. Reverse clutch burnt, worn, or leaking.
  9. Direct/reverse servo piston seal cut/leaking.
you might want to check them one by one to properly isolate the problem.

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