Replace it, even if it ani't broke?


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Replace it, even if it ani't broke?

Have a 2005 car with 65000 miles, driven almost ever day in the city. Shows no signs of over heating runs fine but has original thermostat, is it time to change it . Thanks
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Why? You're more likely to have a problem AFTER replacement. I have a 2001 w/130K and a 2004 w/65K and haven't replaced stats.
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I agree with Gunguy. I have a service truck with 225K and the same stat. I have some stuff you can fix if you want to fix something.
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BUT, now that you have told us, keep the tstat and gasket in the vehicle with a wrench to remove the old one. Because as sure as the sky is blue it will fail this week. If you hadn't mentioned it, it would probably gone another 65K. Just a warning.
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You guys are right , it will probaly fail just at the wrost time but the big problem is trying to get good replacement parts knowa days, god for bid if its made in the U.S.A it seems made SOME WERE ELSE to be the new standard
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If you dont mind the price, i advise you to get the OEM ones, most aftermarket replacement parts out there are mass produced thus giving you no guarantee quality wise.

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