03 Malibu - spark plug recommends


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03 Malibu - spark plug recommends

2003 Chevy Malibu with the 3100 (3.1L) V6 with just over 100k miles. It's time to change out the spark plugs per the schedule. Two questions.

First, I am looking for Spark plugs recommendation as to brand (AC Delco, Autolite, Champion, NGK...) and type (Platinum or Iridium. I've been looking at Champion part number 7940's but no personal experience. I do plan to call the local Chevy dealer to see what OEM is.

Second, my other question would be to upgrade the stock wires. The source said I have 6mm wires. I would notice a difference by going to 8mm wires ?
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If it was my car I would put the AC Delco plugs that the OEM put in / recomends,, They lasted 100,000 miles, right??? And you will notice NO difference from the 6 to 8 mm wires as electricity is lazy & if it needs 10,000 volts to fire a plug, You get 10,000 volts... The size of your coil,, wire etc is NOT going to make a difference unless you highly modify the engine.. If it's a "Daily Driver"" than just use what the General put in it when it was new.... Roger
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No reason to "upgrade" the size other than to line somebodys pocket the 6mm will be fine. OEM plugs are acdelco 41-940 a plat. plug you can use just about any plat plug that fits the description and price you want.Just a quick run on one of my suppliers shows a range from 3 bucks to almost 10 ea.
Good Luck
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It is a daily driver. I got it when it had 50k. I know I haven't done the plugs. I'll probably go with the AC Delco as that's OEM. Thanks guys!
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Logically we are programmed to improve on things when we service them. The OEM parts have lasted over 100k, how much ore could anyone expect. The wires should be replaced but again the OEM stuff is in fact 100k old. The dealer may try to sell you aftermarket due to profit margins, all I mean by this statement is check several sources for pricing and availability of OEM pats. If the origonals cost 150.00 and an aftermarket costs 45.00 then go with the aftermarket if theyre by a good name like delco or denso or whatever. Just a thought.
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I liked the the NGK v-groove plugs in my old 2001 Bonneville SSEi, but that was primarily due to the fact that I dropped a few heat ranges which limited the options. The biggest problem with any copper plug or even single platinum plug is the wear. They will wear out much faster than a double platinum or a premium iridium plug.
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I would get what the manufacturer says to use for spark plugs and spark plug wires. If you switch to something different, it can cause problems!

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