DIY tune up?


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DIY tune up?

I was wondering how difficult it would be to do a tune up on my
91 caddy hearse. I'm told that one of the cylinders is missing.
What I've noticed is when I'm at a stop and I take my foot off the brake the car "cogs" forward until I press on the gas a little and pick up speed.
I've been told by a buddy that the plugs are going to be hard to get at and I may have to go through the wheel well to reach them. He suggested changing out the plugs, replacing the wires, and replacing the distributor cap and rotor. I figure around $130.00 in parts. How do I know that this will solve the problem?
It's a 5.7L chevrolet engine with a throttle body injection system, 43,000mi.
Any input would be appreciated.
Oh, btw I would be a newbie at this.
Thanks in advance.
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I just know from experience that when I replace regular maintenance items like that, my vehicles have run much better.

And from friends who don't do that and have vehicles which run poorly.
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It's definitely a diy project. Words of caution, one wire, one pull, one replacement. Otherwise you will be getting a wiring diagram and doing it all over again. Not sure why you would have to go under the wheel well to access any plugs, but if you do, no biggie, just turn the wheel so you can get at it.
Oh, yeah, hope you find your missing cylinder. I do that with nuts and bolts, but not with an entire cylinder
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If you know what body/model of caddy the hearse was converted from...check the repair guides at
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Those are all preventive maintenance items, so even if they don't directly cure your problem it's good maintenance. Add air & fuel filters to the list if they haven't been done recently.
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The only rear way to know what it needs is take it to a professional mechanic and have it repaired. There like doctors for a tummy ache. The car wasn't built with the ease of repair on the designers mind, that may be why I spent 30 grand on tools. The basic parts replacement for maintenance ie plugs wires and a cap isn't a bad place to start but it may not be all that's needed, if diagnosis isn't warranted by a tech then the possibility of un needed parts repl. is a possibility. If it were easy any one could do it, thats what my pops told me.

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