toyota Camry Transmission


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toyota Camry Transmission

My daughter recently backed into a 1998 toyota camry. She backed into the front end of the camry at a very low speed, neither car had even enough damage to smug the dirt off of the bumper of either car. The owner of the Camry is claiming that there is from 2000-3500 damage to the tranmission on the camry.

The claim being made it the car will not go if placed into drive, it will only go in low gear and then once moving can be shifted to drive progressing through the gears manually. The camry has over 179000 miles on it.

I don't know a lot about transmissions but find it hard to believe a little bump could cause this type of damage, please let me know if this is possible? If so how? and what happened?

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If it was that low the only pos. explanation is the trans cooler was cracked and they drove it like that for a awhile before noticing and patched it.It would take a harder impact say closer to 5 to 8 mph to get into any of the trans control wiring. and would result in more damage than a scuff on the front cover.It's a tough subjective call to make without seeing the car in question but that sounds like a trans module problem and not accident related to me,personal opinion is somebody's looking for a new trans.
Good Luck with that one
(Hope your agent is a good one and can see through this one)
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sounds shady to me..... there are all kinds out there....

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