2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Hatchback Lift Support Replacement


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2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse - Hatchback Lift Support Replacement

Does anyone have any idea how you replace the lift supports on a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

I removed the old lift support from the hatchback just fine, but the end that attaches to the frame had some sort of bolt on the inside of the frame that falls out when you unscrew the lift support. I pulled back the plastic paneling around it and I don't see any way to get access to the back of where the support would go.

This looked like a very simple job but is becoming a disaster.
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That could be fun That is a speed nut inside there that is supposed to stay.At this point disaster is mild in terms,your looking at fabricating another way to attach it to the lift gate/hatch because the nut is now floating around between the sheet metal.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
Good Luck

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