honda stereo cd player


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honda stereo cd player

I don't know if this fits better here or under electronics, but here goes: I was putting a CD into the stereo and it took it but showed a message saying it was jammed and that I should eject. I tried to eject it, but it wouldn't come out. Eventually I had to turn off the car and get out. When I restarted my car, the radio and DVD and auxilliary would all function, but the CD button wouldn't even register. It will no go to the CD at all. Is there some way to remedy this, or do I HAVE to take it to the dealer?
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Is this CD player a part of the radio? (All one unit?)

Or is it a separate player mounted in a different location than the radio?

If it is a separate unit, check the fuses. Also you can check to see if there is a loose connection in the back - with a wire going from the CD player to the radio or to power.

If it is all one unit, then it probably gets the same power as the radio and a blown fuse would not be the problem. And also if it is a separate unit, chances are it would be on the same fuse, but wouldn't hurt to check.

Some stereo units have fuses on the back or internally.

Might also try reading your owners manual about the CD player. Might be something in there about this, but probably not. Wouldn't hurt to check.

And you can check your battery voltage with a voltmeter. Should be 12 something volts with just the ignition on (not started), then 13/14 volts when started. If the battery was low, then possible it would not have enough power to operate. And if this was the case, probably would notice the car was having trouble starting and the lights would be dim.

Other than that, you can take apart the unit and see if you can fix it or replace it if you know how. Otherwise take it to dealer or get a replacement from a stereo shop. Maybe a stereo shop could repair it?

If it gets to that point, maybe you could try reaching in with tweezers and see if you can get the CD to move. Or use another CD to try to push it in further. You may damage the CD or the player doing this, but if that is your only option, worth a try.
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I know you explained that you cannot choose the CD using the button but have you tried poking another cd in there just to get the carrier to cycle?

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