PT cruiser front end help


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PT cruiser front end help

This is becoming very aggravating so hopefully you can shed some light on this. I have an 02 PT cruiser with only 26,000 miles on it. Here is the history of the front end. At approx. 17,000 miles ( 2 years ago) there was clunking in the front end. Took it to the dealer under extended warranty and it needed control arms and bushings on the front end. Approx. a year later and 3000 miles later there was again some clunking in the front end on mainly the right side. Took it to the local shop and the right tie rod was worn. Changed it out an all was fine for about 2 months. Clunking appeared on other side and this time the other tie rod went bad. This was replaced and all was fine for about 6 months. This past January there was clunking going on again. Took it to the shop and they looked at the sway bar bushings and they showed me quite a bit of slop between the bar and bushings. They changed them out an all has been well for the last 2 months. Now there is clunking again. This time when I drive 80% of the time everything sounds good, it seems when I go over a very large bump or I go over a series of large bumps that cause the wheels to bounce up and down violently it seems like a solid hit on the right side and a clunk. Over the past year this front end has been looked at quite a bit so not sure what else it could be or what is being missed. Any thoughts would be great. This seems like a lot of front end work for a vehicle. Thanks
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Ther are a couple things that can cause the problems you are having. The rear lower control arm bushing will cause the premature wearing out and sound the same as the parts you've been replaceing the only catch is this doesn't show up unless the susp. is loaded(weight on it) and is most obvious when braking or accel. Then you can see whats happening but 97% of the time they don't make noise under this condition (just noticable movement) But will be noisy when going over a bump.I however did go through two sets (inner and outer tie rod ends) from Chrys. before I got a good set as well on a Customers PT. So it could be your shops supplier as well. The other thing that makes a similar sound is the strut bearings/bushings are sloppy this can be tested by removing the plastic cover over the top of the strut and the ol' bounce test. If the large nut in the center has any play in it when bouncing there is your noise.It should stay as to appear to be part of the body when bouncing the car. Hope this helps.
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