where does cowl vent lead to?


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where does cowl vent lead to?

oops,sorry for the title.
Hello, I have a 89 mazda b2200 ex-cab. I have been doing some body work and I got some metal shavings and and rust down in there by sanding. (1st timer) and I can't get the cowl vent off. can I just flush it really good with water hose or is that a bad idea? thanx in advance
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For the most part the cowl vent is your fresh air intake for the heater/ac there is a drain and water trap of sorts to prevent rain ect. from getting in this way.If the drain is plugged you could flood the interior by shall we say over flushing/flowing the system.A short test will let you know real quick if this is the case.If water doesn't flow (usually out the back side of the fenderwell) within a few sec of starting the hose its plugged and I'd advise compressed air to blow as much out as possible. If it does flow keep an eye out so what your trying to flush doesn't plug up the works.
Good Luck

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