Replace Rag Joint


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Replace Rag Joint

I need help with a friends 1972 Ford F-100 pickup, manual trans. on column, V8 motor. It has manual steering and the rag joint has gone out. How had is it to repair? We know a little about mechanical things, but don't want to jump on it if its a big deal. Its his only ride and needs it back running a.s.a.p. He said its got VERY sloppy steering. I hope that is all it will need.
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Welcome to the forums Marty!

Not sure I know what you mean by 'rag joint' do you mean the u joint like connection about a half way up the steering column?

The one on my 76 ford was bad and I couldn't find a decent replacement so I wound up modifying a pontiac front wheel drive axle to fit. Fairly easy job - just hard to find what I needed to replace the worn out parts.
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I remember these..a '73 Fury III that I owned had a bad one. It bolted to the steering shafts at each end somehow as I remember. Once you loosened it you could just loosen the steering wheel attachment and slide it up a bit, replace the joint, then re-assemble.

I never replaced mine though...I had better reactions then (and less money) and could keep it going straight...

Marty...have you checked Autozone maybe?
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It's a fairly straight forward repair - it's been a while since I've done one though. At the time you could get a replacement part from NAPA 2 different ways: 1. just the rubber disk or 2. the entire rag joint assembly. I always loosened the steering column mounting bolts and the bolts in the joint. Then slide the column a little so the joint will slide off. On some the rubber will unbolt, some you need to grind mounting rivets off (replacement bolts come with the rubber disk). Then it's a matter of putting it back together. Plan on it taking an afternoon, but you can do it with simple tools.

Might want to check out it was a big help when I had my '73 F100. There may even be a tech article with pics for this repair...
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Thanks for your help. I will look at also. Thanks again

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