94 Cutlass Supreme


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Exclamation 94 Cutlass Supreme

I started my 94 Cutlass Supreme and drove it to work, 8 hrs later tried to start it, it wouldn't start got a jump and the car started fine. Next Day I went and bought a refurbished battery, car starts sometimes but when I try to restart it nothing. What could be the problem or problems???? HELP PLEASE!!!!
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A "refurbished" battery? Never heard of that....did you get it used..like from a junkyard?

To me it sounds like a bad cable connection. Clean all the connections between the battery and ground and battery and solenoid on the starter.

The battery can be tested for free at almost any auto parts store.
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Measure the battery voltage with a voltmeter. 12.65 volts (DC) and higher is a fully charged battery.

And that is one thing. The alternator recharges the battery after each start and keeps it charged. If there is a problem with the alternator, the battery (any battery) would lose its charge - just like a cell phone battery, it will run down and needs to be recharged for the cell phone to work.

So if jump starting *always* works. Then look for a problem with the charging system / alternator. And this would include loose/dirty connections as mentioned above.

Then poor battery... Turn on ignition, but don't start. Should be 12 something volts. This means the battery is "strong" with a load on it.

Could be a starter problem. Some electrical problems are that things will not work when warm/hot. So the starter may work when cold, but not when hot. And if this is the case, a jump start would not help any. Sometimes when you have this problem, you can hear a click when your turn the key to start.

Use a multimeter to see if the starter is getting power...
how to use a multimeter on a car - Google Search

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