Fish Eye and Orange Peel


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Fish Eye and Orange Peel

I'm trying to do a spot repair on an metal body part with spray enamel. I acutally read the directions on the can, and I may have traced some of the problem to temperature. But I am confused as to what they mean about recoating time. It seems that they want subsequent recoats to be done within two hours. but after that, not to re coat unitl 72 hours. After I waited the 72 hours in order to repaint the whole part to make it flow out and match. I still got fish eye big time in the 72 hour section. Now I have to do it completely over. Is there anything else I should do to prevent this fish eye effect?
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Fish eye is most often caused by particles of silicone in the air. These can come from non friction type lubricants, hair spray or other sources. They can even come (in the air) from a neighbor or nearby factory. This is different from cratering, which is caused by solvent pops. In cratering, the paint skins too quickly and as the solvent evaporates, it blows out through the skin.
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Go to your automotive paint store and get a bottle of 'fish eye medicine' - it will help. Getting the surface clean also helps. Avoid any type of oil heat.

Orange peel is usually corrected by thinning the paint a little more. You can apply multiple coats within 2 hrs or so - however many it takes to get coverage. Don't forget you need to sand smooth all the offending spots, more paint won't do much to hide the orange peel or fish eyes.

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