vacuum bleeder?


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vacuum bleeder?

I have been trying to bleed my clutch for ever. at least 7 different times. yes 7 different bottles of brake fluid. I have a 89 mazda b2200 and I can not get all the air out. I have tried and tried and I can not get it. and yes I have tried gravity and pumping several times be for I bleed. I finally went and got me a vacuum bleeder. my question is:does it matter if its a just a brake bleeder? does it have to be a clutch bleeder? I don't think it matters but just making sure. I got it from harbor fright tools. here is the link.
- Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

thanx for any help.
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Should work; same basic type system. I can't imagine it would be that hard to bleed the clutch. Have you tried connecting a bleeder hose to the bleeder with the free end in a container of fluid, opening the bleeder, and then continuously pumping the pedal slowly without closing the bleeder? Just have to be careful to keep the reservoir topped off to avoid going back to square one.
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If all else fails, get a factory service manual set of books which you can order from your dealer.

Some things have certain steps and procedures which are outlined in detail in these books.

Sometimes it is something silly I might otherwise overlook, but see in the books to do this or that, then I am quite thankful I have those books.

One time it was just the reverse light switch on my truck. I had no idea where it was located. I found it in the factory manual and also read this switch could be adjusted. I would never have found the switch without the books! And probably would have gone and bought a new switch, then had the same problem - not known it needed adjustment.
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I have a Porsche that has a hydraulic clutch. It is tough to bleed and get the air out. The slightest bit of air in the line manifest itself with a clutch that stays on the floor and won't disengage.

I used a pressure bleeder that I attach to the master cylinder. On my Porsche, the clutch shares the same reservoir as the brakes. I use a compressor with variable pressure output and a home built gasketed brake fluid reservoir cap. I generally use 8 psi gauge pressure on the reservoir, then open the bleeder valves making sure I don't go too far and drop the level below the clutch pickup which is near the top of reservoir. Sometimes it takes a bleed followed by clutch actuation, then another bleed. It can try one's patience.
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bleed clutch

Having sold my shop equip I didnt have my press bleeder. When I decided I wanted one I made one out of a small garden sprayer. The hardest part is making the adapter to go on the M Cyl. Google "brake bleeders" and you can see pictures of them.
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alot of mazda-small trucks are similar to Ford.
on a Ford ranger,
you actually have to take the cylinder at the clutch pedal-off the vehicle-turn it upside down,to get the air out-plug it ,to prevent fluid loss/air entering.
reinstall,& bleed
THE Problem is-DO NOT let the resivoir run dry-once air is in the system,it goes to the top-& CANNOT be bleed out!

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