1995 Nissan SE Pick Up Tail lights out


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1995 Nissan SE Pick Up Tail lights out

1995 Nissan SE V6 pick up with extended cab & 4 wheel drive

Tailights and instrument (dashboard) lights are all out. The headlights come on OK.
Double checked fuses with test light and VOM.
Pulled the rear lenses and all bulbs are good and work with test set-up.
Checked connection block at both rear light assemblies and find no voltage.

Traced both harnesses to connection block under the bed just forward of the tail gate and no juice there either.
I trace this main harness that runs up under the passenger side of the frame & into body channel just under door sill.

I put the car away for today but I'm planning to look around under the dash. I'm also thinking that the headlight switch could be bad but I figure I'd ask if some has had experience with this problem before and could point me in the right direction.
Thanks for your help.
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Look in your owner's manual for *all* fuse locations. In some vehicles there are 3 separate fuse boxes! Under hood, driver's side, and passenger side.

Check *every* fuse. Pull one at a time, replace, then check another. The labels on fuses can be misleading. Another fuse could be the fuse which goes to this circuit. Something which does not sound like it would go to this circuit!

How to test fuses...
Testing fuses Page

Then some vehicles have "fusible links". The wire used for a circuit is actually a fuse!

Sometimes there are single fuses installed on one wire.

Then people modify things. Look for do-it-yourself wiring modifications. Many times this is the source of electrical problems. People tap into circuits and overload the circuits.

Someone may have had an overloading problem, installed a larger fuse, then this fried a wire. So look for too large of a fuse installed. Could be a clue as to the problem area.

Then other than that, it is pretty much impossible (for me at least) to trace circuits in a vehicle. I use a factory electrical diagrams manual which is part of the factory service manual set of books. This has complete wiring diagrams of the vehicle, wire colors listed for each circuit. Pin numbers for each circuit at each connector. Locations of all electrical connectors, devices, etc. - Tells you where everything is.

Also has step by step troubleshooting instructions.

Order factory service manual sets from your dealer. These are several books to the set usually. Be sure to get the complete set. Costs around $150 for a set.

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