1991 Buick Park Avenue flare nut wrench size needed for brakes.


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Question 1991 Buick Park Avenue flare nut wrench size needed for brakes.

I have a 1991 Buick Park Avenue (not ultra) and need to do some brake work on it but have been spoiled with the ease of of Disc brakes so my drum brake tools went into hiding in the great unused tool black hole . I am trying to find out what size of a flare nut wrench I need to disconnect the brake line from one of the rear wheel cylinders which blew out but these wrenches are priced at a premium and while sets are available they miss some sizes which some of my search results say are the sizes I need. Any info on this would be appreciated as my budget is so tight I can't afford to be buying wrenches at random.
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If no one knows, I have used a tape measure in the past on extra large bolts to get the approximate size (that I don't have a socket for). Then take that with me when I go to buy a socket for that. Gets me in the ballpark at least...
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I would suggest that you simply use an open end wrench to determine the size.
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The most common on those is 10mm however have seen 8mm as well if visually looks like a 3/8 then the 10mm is the most likely if it looks closer to 5/16 then 8mm.If your not the original owner and somebody has done them in the past this may not help a lot of times that I change them out the replacement part is a different size than the one that came off.
Good Luck

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