99 Malibu


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99 Malibu

I have a 99 Malibu that lost oil pressure. The oil level was low afterward. I added oil, the light went off but the tapping noise remained. I had an intermittent low coolant level light a day before. After consulting an auto mechanic friend, the intake gasket was suspected and he helped me replace it. The problem I have now it I have some tapping when the car is first started. It goes away after the car is warmed up. I am not positive the intake gasket fixed the problem. Could the oil pump have a problem? Thanks.
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Assuming that the oil level was correct at the time you lost pressure, I would advise finding out, 1. what caused the pressure loss, 2. where did the oil go?
Judging by the intermittent "low coolant level" and the fact that you had little or no oil pressure, (due to low oil level) I would say that you have a sticky valve lifter, as the engine warms and the oil warms the lifter starts working.Thus the "tapping noise" goes away.
Good luck and have a great day
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I have added Sea-foam on 2 seperate occasions. What do you recommend for the next step?
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No, no, no........
Guys......this is normal on ALL Malibu's.
The clatter you hear is piston slap and they ALL do it.
Nothing is wrong with your Malibu.
The 3.1L V6 was used in many GM vehicles.
My 2001 Malibu did this at the first 3,000 miles brand new!
I freeked and took it back to the dealer, they reluctantly told me about the bulletin for "Piston Slap". I made them fix it. They had to replace all of my pistons and it was good for about 30,000 miles then it came back after all.
It's just a noise and doing no damage what so ever.
My Malibu had 280,000 miles when I finally traded it in and didn't burn any oil! (excellence maintenance).
Question.....does your Malibu accellerate randomly on it's own without any warning?........mine did it all the time and couldnt fix it.
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If this is "Normal", I'm glad I didnt buy a GM because I think if you have pistons rattling around in the cylinder bore, there has to be damage done.... If they can't machine the bore & pistons to the correct size,, they should make it right.... Just my thoughts after 20+ years in the auto trade..... Roger

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