T-Bird fuel pump.


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T-Bird fuel pump.

My 1994 T-Bird electric fuel pump is noisy. You can hear it from the drivers seat and from outside. I replaced the fuel filter and it is running good. Is it time to replace the fuel pump? Engine is the 4.6 V8.
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My fuel pump went out without any warning - no noise or anything. Just suddenly quit one day. And of course when I was 130 miles away from home and my tools!

If the fuel pump is old and ready to be replaced anyway, I would replace it. I don't like being stranded.
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while noise does not always mean pump is going bad it is a good idea if you have replaced the filter and pump makes alot of noise i would replace it and i have also seen the after market pumps that have a plastic strap holding them can break and make the pump make some real noise
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I once had a 450SL Mercedes that I bought new. It had a noisy fuel pump. In 2006, 26 years later and 145K miles later I sold the car. It still had the same noisy fuel pump.

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