Electric Fuel Pumps


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Electric Fuel Pumps

If a fuel tank is empty, will the electric fuel pump still spin?........namely a '98 Ford Windstar.
Our Windstar has been sitting in the driveway for over a year and occasionally I'll go out and run it for 15 minutes or so.
The last time I did this was in December, now the gas gauge is on empty but I don't even hear the pump run when I cycle the ignition.
Could this car possibly have a switch in the pump assembly that will open the circuit unless their is enough fuel to satisfy the fuel system or is my pump bad?
I doubt it but I still question it........
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It is almost impossible to find any technical information like this for automotive parts. (Like everybody else in the world provides for anything electrical [technical data and specification sheets as well as electrical schematics of the part]).

Instead all you get is a box, the part, and a part number.

So good luck finding any specific information on this.

Here is a bit on fuel pumps in general...
Fuel pump - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How a Fuel Pump Works?
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nope no switch on pump level im guess its the pump is bad but you can try to hit the bottom of the tank and have someone turn key on and off might start working(seen its hundreds of times) and also pump only run for a few sec when key is turned on unless engine in running

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