Inner Tie rod / sway bar link problem


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Inner Tie rod / sway bar link problem

I have a 99 windstar with approx 116K miles. When I hit a bump, it makes a clunking sound. Ford dealer says it's the sway bar link kits and inner tie rods that need replaced. Are either one of these a real tough job? Did the outer tie rod ends about a year ago.. Any suggestions on getting this done at home?
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Both jobs are a fairly straight forward thing and really only require the tire off to do them.You will however need an alignment after the tie rod ends are replaced.For those loosen the adjuster nut and after removing the tie rod nut a couple hits on the spindles arm generally pops it free. Count the number of turns it takes to remove the end and use the same number putting on the new one coat the threads with anti-sieze first though.For the inner end you may have to get an inner tie rod tool (Rent or buy) sometimes you can get them with out it using a 12" cresent wrench.(you'll need the leverage) Don't coat the inner threads with anti-sieze and you will have to remove the inner boot.Most of the time unless they are real bad a tie rod won't cause a clunk over bumps the stab bar bushings will,those too require nothing too special and since the kits have new bolts as well it doesn't matter if they break removing them. You should be able to do the job with a 19 or 21mm socket and ratchet and a 13 mm socket and wrench along with a 2 lb mini sledge (I call it Thumpzilla)LOL
Good Luck

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