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Wink no brakes

i just recently purchased a 1982 ford 27 ft presidential motorhome,the problem i'm having is : it has a tag axle ,that the breaks were probably disconencted by one of the previous owners,reason why,i don't know,i'd like to connect them back up to the unit ,but i don't know how to do this ,can any body help........i've noticed , looks to me like a vaccuum hose up front for it ,but i don't know where it is suppose to be hoocked up to,,,,is their possibly anybody here, know how to do that,or is there some kind of diagram or instruction on that....thanks and have a nice day..................................Beer 4U2
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Does it have an electric brake or hydraulic or air?
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it has hydraulic brakes on the tag axle,what i also noticed is it looks to me like a mastercylinder under the passenger of that is a 1/2 inch braided hose with an mpt thread on one end ,and i don't know where that mpt is supposed to go..
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Diesel or gas? Its set up that way because I'll bet there are disk brakes on the front and drive axles and the tag has drum brakes.If diesel then there should be a vacuum pump someplace if it has a Vacuum canister attached to it.These are usually electric on class A rvs diesel powered and may have died on the previous owner.90% of the time they are under your "hood".If gas then a vacuum line run from a port on the intake manifold is the usual method and may have a shared connection with the master for the other brakes and activation is accomplished by a tap off the rear brake line going to the front of the tag axles master.
Hope that helps some.
Good luck

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