Inside door handle


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Inside door handle

One morning, during the colder months I found my driver side door to be froze shut. I wasn't able to unlock it with the key.
I was able to climb in from the passenger side, which was not frozen. Activating the power door locks back and forth, the driver side door lock finally unlocked. I went to open the door from the inside and heard a pop. Now, I am unable to open the door from the inside. I have to lower the driver side window to open the door from the outside. I know this is fixable. But is it fixable by a do it yourselfer ? Is there possibly an easy fix ? How much of the inner door must be disassembled ? I need to save some $$ and do this myself.

96 Ford Explorer, 4 door

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Sounds like either the inner handle broke(common) or the rod popped off.
Remove all the screws in the door panel and lift up straight and flush it has a plastic hook design that can be a pain in the @@@ The inner door handle is a replaceable part if broken if the rod popped fairly simple to hook back up as well,since it is color matched to the interior you may have to look to the local wrecking yard to get another one unless you want to do dealer item.If memory serves there is only 1 pop rivet that holds the asbly. in place and it also has a plastic hook set up that you slide it towards the back of the door to remove.
Good Luck.
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And you might want to go to the wrecking yard first and try to get that door taken apart. Or find one already taken apart.

Then you can learn on that door and see how the door comes apart. (Take your tools.)

There are usually little clips which hold the lower portion of the door panel on. These frequently break when removing the panel. So get some extras of those at the wrecking yard.
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Thanks. I am getting first hand experience on, just how much of a pain it really is.

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