Headlight on 2004 Kia Sedona won't work


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Unhappy Headlight on 2004 Kia Sedona won't work

I've changed the the DRL bulbs on my 2004 Kia Sedona mini-van MANY times before, so I'm very familiar with how to do it. (The car goes through alot of headlights--not sure why??) A few days ago, the drivers side DRL went out, but the new light wouldn't work. I'd bought a set so I tried the other one and that wouldn't work either. I looked at the old bulb and it looks fine--the filament is completely intact--so I'm thinking it didn't really burn out. I checked the fuse and that looked fine. All the wire covers seem OK. The hi-beams, directionals, and passenger's side lo is fine. All the functions associated with that light's relay work fine. (And, yes, I double-checked to make sure I had the correct bulbs.)

Am I missing something? I'd like to avoid bringing it in for service, but it seems like there might be some electrical problem. (My husband reminded me that the same light burned out only six months ago.) Is that something that will show up on the diagnostic if I bring it to Autozone for one of their free scans? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I was laid-off recently from a job I had almost 10 years and money is a little tight. Thanks so much!
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Should be a relatively easy find, since the other side works. That is, if all kinds of stuff is not in the way, and you can barely access the lamp/socket area, let alone wiring that quickly gets lost.

I'm guessing ground is common to both sides. So even if ground issue, since the other side works, the problem cannot be too far away. Either the socket is bad to where some possible spring-loaded button down inside is now pushed in too deep....out of reach of the terminal at base of bulb - or corrosion - or wire is bad at socket or nearby. Battery acid may have corroded something? You need a voltmeter or 12 volt test light, to check current at terminals in socket, for starters..
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Thanks for the info--that's a good place to start. I just remembered that I got the battery replaced only a few days before the light blew out the last time. The battery is on that side and everything is packed in tight, so I'm wondering if something got knocked loose (like the ground) when they changed it. I had checked all the terminals and they were pretty clean--no signs of corrosion. My neighbor has a voltmeter so I'll see if I can borrow it. I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks again.
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almost guarantee a ground problem, grounds are the most common causes of electrical problems with cars/trucks if you are replacing bulbs that often vibration and grounds are the cause.

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You were right! It was a bad ground wire. It's all set now--the light is working again. I'm thinking it was probably loose before and that's why the light blew out only a few months ago. Thanks so much for the advice! I REALLY appreciate it.
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