2007 Ford Escape

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2007 Ford Escape

If i leave my ford escape for a few days it will not start. The engine will crank but will not start. If i put my battery charger on it for a few minutes, it will start right up. It seems to crank fast enough after it sits for a few days, but will not start. The only thing i can think of is the voltage is a little low. Any help would be appreciated.
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It would seem to me if charging it allows it to start then low battery voltage is the problem. Does this car get driven much between parking it for a few days?
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Sounds like low voltage to me, recharge and test the battery, most likely will have to replace the battery, after you replace it test the car for a draw on the battery.
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The first thing to look for is do-it-yourself add on wiring. Usually for stereo or something like that.

People will hook these things up so they use electricity all the time, then this quickly drains the battery.

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