93 Sedan DeVille no start


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93 Sedan DeVille no start

This car belongs to a friend of a friend, and before this evening I have had no experience with it. Apparently, though, they had the battery replaced thinking it would clear up the occasional engine dying problem and intermittent no-start. When it didn't, and jumping the solenoid terminal turned the engine over but failed to produce a start, my friend and I were called in. Car has factory theft deterrent system, resistor pill in ignition key, and airbag in steering wheel (making me reluctant to touch it at all!) When the key is turned to start position, the solenoid energize terminal is not getting power. The fuel pump can be heard cycling with the ignition switch, though. I'm thinking ignition lock (not reading resistor in key), ignition switch at bottom of steering column or theft deterrent module. Any ideas? Thanks in advance - Chris
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If you poke around on google.com, you can find information on this. The "key" is to find the correct word used for the specific security system (like GM passkey, VATS, etc.) It will probably say in the owner's manual. Might be under security, theft deterrent system, or other?

Here is a search for that...

And then find a Cadillac specific forum and ask there, here is a search for that...

If you want to do it "right", then you can order a GM factory service manual set of books from helminc.com or the dealer for about $150. This would have complete instructions for troubleshooting as well as proper safety procedures for removing the air bag (if needed).
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Smile theft deterrent

you can verify the issue by looking at the theft deterrent light on the cluster, and also by ohmtesting the circuit with the contacts in the cylinder lock assmebly, you will find a 2-wire orange insulated connector at the bottom of the steering column, use your digital ohmeter to get a reading with the key in the ignition, compare that with ohmtesting the key pellet by itself, should be the same by around 5 ohms, if not the wire at the cylinder lock is opened, and you would need a new cylinder lock and a new key cut with the ame pellet resistance at the dealership, good luck.

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